who we are

Safe Haven Community Center & Children's Home is safe space for children to live, learn and laugh as they journey through specialized programs fostering growth, healing, and development. At Safe Haven we practice holistic child-centered care. Our programs are purposeful, and our intent is clear; to focus on the rights of the child including their educational needs, physical and medical health, emotional and spiritual needs.

And most importantly, we focus on families. Our desire is to see every child living and growing within a family.

We are not an orphanage or an institution.

We are a family. Not a forever family, but a transitional one.

We are small and nurturing and we aid children in their healing journey as they prepare to reunify with their kinship families or transition into foster care or adoptive families.

Of course, this process is never a smooth one.

The children that are referred to Safe Haven have experienced severe trauma, abject neglect, abandonment and various forms of abuse. Their life experiences have been colored with despair, disappointment, and rejection. But these experiences do not define them or their futures.

God can restore, revive, and heal the lives of those which man has fragmented, damaged and destroyed.

At Safe Haven, we are His hands and feet in this healing journey.