family-based CARE

As a transitional space for children, Safe Haven is not unlike most families. Children are cared for by nurturing mummas, who focus on their health, nutrition, educational development, spiritual and emotional needs.

High child to carer ratios within Safe Haven, ensure that children who have experienced severe trauma, abuse, neglect and abandonment learn to trust again and develop healthy attachments within a safe and nurturing environment.

Our unique, child focused programs include emergent learning activities, sensory based play, art and music therapy and regular physical activities to promote good health and wellbeing.

It has often been said in educational circles that "if a child cannot learn the way that we teach, then we should teach the way that they can learn."

At Safe Haven this very quote underpins our educational program. We recognise that every child is uniquely designed by God with individual talents, gifts and interests. Our goal is to identify each child's strength and talents and then, program developmentally appropriate programs which both challenge and extend the child's learning.